Operational Acceptance Testing – Whitepaper

Operational Acceptance Testing – Business Continuity Assurance

Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT) is the penultimate phase of Acceptance Testing in a Software Testing Life cycle and is the last defence line between a software development project and deployment of software on production. For decedes, Operational Acceptance has been undermined and misunderstood. Where User Acceptance has been written about and hailed as a “final phase in testing before production”. User Acceptance is but one side of the coin, Operational Acceptance is the other.

Irrespective of the delivery model employed for the project (waterfall, agile, devops), 3 aspects need to be addressed:

1. Conformance of the asset built with the requirements and specifications
2. Operate and support the asset once deployed to production
3. Ensure adherence with Business KPI, IT SLA and business continuity.

To address these questions, the project team needs to perform the Operational aspects of acceptance testing and evaluation commonly known as Operational Acceptance Testing (OAT). This whitepaper evaluates the quality characteristics associated with operational acceptance test scope from the perspective of the newly released software testing standard ISO 29119.

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Operational Acceptance Testing – Whitepaper

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