Umbra Applied Technologies Group Announces ATF Licensing Pending

TAMPA, FL–(Marketwired – Jun 7, 2016) – Umbra Applied Technologies (UAT), an Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc. subsidiary (OTC: UATG), announced today that the application process for governmental approval to begin the manufacturing and sales of its flagship UBR-16 battle rifle is underway.

In recent months, Umbra Applied Technologies’ Special Weapons & Ordinance Research Division (SWORD) completed the final design of its long range sniper rifle, the PRP-30. The company released the very first images of the highly anticipated precision rifle at the end of last May. The completion of the PRP-30 represents the fulfilment of the company’s conventional weapons product line. The finalization of the two conventional weapons inaugurates the production of the 2016 UBR-16 and 2017 PRP-30.

In addition, the company has begun the process of completing its new office in Tampa Florida. The company has already begun accepting applications to staff its secured site in Tampa and once fully staffed intends to begin the process of locating a facility suitable for the development and production of its advanced weapons program. When questioned about the advanced weapons UAT is developing, CEO Alex Umbra responded, “The UAT’s advanced weapons program is very much a marriage between our Applied Sciences Division and SWORD; representing a vanguard of technical development. It is the culmination of everything we have learned and collaborated on. It represents the future of warfare 25 years ahead of current technology. Site B will be home to the most advanced weapons systems and platforms we are currently capable of making.”

While UAT awaits ATF approval for its Type 7 federal firearms license (FFL) and Class 2 Special Occupational Taxpayer (SOT), it will also apply for exportation approval with the State Department. UAT expects its Tampa offices to be operational by July with licensing approved shortly thereafter. The Tampa based team will be the hub of UAT’s firearms and intelligence operations in country and abroad. 

About Umbra Applied Technologies Group, Inc.
Umbra Applied Technologies is a member of the Umbra Applied Technologies Group (OTC: UATG) family of companies. Umbra Applied Technologies, a U.S. based Defense and Security Company, is engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration, and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products, and services for defense, civil, and commercial applications in the United States and internationally. It also provides management, engineering, technical, scientific, logistic, and information services.

In support of air, land and naval forces, the company operates in five segments: Aeronautics, Information Systems & Global Solutions, Biotech, Alternative & Renewable Energy, and Intelligence Systems. The Aeronautics segment offers military aircrafts, such as unmanned combat and air mobility aircrafts, and related technologies. The Information Systems & Global Solutions segment provides advanced technology systems and security expertise, integrated information technology solutions, and management services for civil, defense, intelligence, and other government customers. The Biotech segment addresses critical gaps that are absent in defense medical research programs. The Alternative & Renewable Energy segment provides alternative solutions to energy through research in bio-electricity, wind, thermodynamic and solar energy. The Intelligence segment provides computational study of signals, open source and network intelligence through advanced metrics and algorithms to locate and extract sentiment from gathered intelligence.

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